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Strange But True!
I recently installed a sound card in a WINDOWS 95 PC. The system detected the new hardware and requested the install disk. WINDOWS 95 then complained that it couldn't locate the required files. I ran the disk over to another system. The files were there!

I cancelled the install. In WINDOWS EXPLORER I saw that the HIDE FILES WITH THESE EXTENSIONS was enabled. I disabled that by enabling SHOW ALL FILE TYPES. I then REMOVED the incorrectly installed hardware in the SYSTEM section of CONTROL PANEL.

After a RESTART THE COMPUTER, the new hardware was again detected. WINDOWS 95 detected almost all the required files on the disk - almost. It said that it actually could not find one file. By clicking BROWSE, it got that one, too - on the second bounce, so to speak.

WINDOWS 98 -- Microsoft Strikes Back?

COMPUTERCRAFT Ecologically-Friendly, System Unit Recovery HPV

What You'll Get With WINDOWS 98:

  • Able to use up to 8 monitors in a single system!

  • The biggest changes are "under the hood"
    An Internet Explorer uprade'll give you the show, but not the go!

  • Universal Serial Bus support

  • Modem aggregates -- the ability to harness a number of phone lines and modems to create a virtual ultra high speed connection.

  • Microsoft says not to use it!
    98 is aimed at the consumer market. Real men (and women, presumably) are gonna go straight to NT Workstation 5 -- the Windows 98 SuperSet.

NT Workstation 5.0 -- OS Du Jour?