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LPT And Printer Program Library

These programs are all distributed strictly AS IS, and at your own risk, with absolutely NO GUARANTEE, WARRANTEE, or IMPLIED FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE. The shareware programs are offered according to the restrictions of the copyright holders.

You should ALWAYS have hard copies of your CMOS information and backups of ALL your software and data. ANY hardware and software combination can result in incompatibilities. Some software (the low level formatting programs, for example) are, by design, destructive. COMPUTERCRAFT can not, and will not, be held responsible for ANY loss, monetary or otherwise, or inconvenience.

LASERTST.ZIP - HP self-test utility

LZC26.ZIP - Laser printer cleaner program

PRN-TEST.ZIP - Printer test utilities

PARAMO.ZIP - LPT port data capture utility

EZSET.ZIP sets and tests printer control codes.

ZC33.ZIP allows direct control of the printer.

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