305 ERROR CODE In The IBM PS2 Model 55SX

This generally results from an easily replaced fuse on the motherboard, right near the Keyboard and mouse connectors. The fuse is in a holder. No soldering is required to remove it. The fuse is made by BEL FUSE and the rating is 5MF, 3 AMPS, 250 VOLTS. This fuse, manufactured by BEL, is distributed by D & R. Their voice phone number is 407-997-8751. The fax number is 407-241-9636.

Radio Shack stocks an equivalent as part number 270-1054. It's also called a type GGS 5 by 20 mm fuse. An exact replacement from another source may be substituted.

This fuse often goes when a serial mouse is used with a PS2 adapter. Only use a true PS2 style mouse in the 55SX. The keyboard or the mouse could also be bad.

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